Welcome to the Ogden Pineview Yacht Club 

OPYC is a Private Facility for Members and their Guests only. Membership applications are required.  Note: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER IN ORDER TO RENT A BOAT SLIP.

Memberships are currently available. Join OPYC and enjoy all the benefits the Private Club has to offer. Contact OPYC if you are interested. Send us an E-mail. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

2018 Mandatory Requirement






NOTE TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS: Due to the concern from the Park Service and the invasive Quagga Mussels, all boats will need to be checked and documented before launching into Pineview effective immediately this 2017 season. This will be performed by our staff and caretakers this year. It is recommended that you go to the above link and take the certification test as well.

All yacht club members must complete the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ Online Mussel Aware Certification Course,  before launching any boat at Pineview reservoir. GET CERTIFICATION TICKET HERE

What You Need To Know Before Launching Your Boat:

  1. If a boat has been to Lake Powell, Deer Creek Reservoir, or anywhere out of the state of Utah within the last 30 days, and the boat has ballast tanks and/or inboard motors, those ballast tanks and inboard motors require professional decontamination prior to launching at Pineview. This is due to the fact that both ballast tanks and inboard motors cannot be completed drained of all water.
  2. In order to avoid possible delays before launching, any boat owner knowing that his/her boat will require decontamination before being allowed to launch at Pineview should call ahead to schedule a decontamination at one of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Regional offices, including the Ogden office. Locations can be found on the website stdofthesea.com, but some nearby locations include Willard Bay Reservoir, East Canyon Reservoir, or if they are coming from down south, Utah Lake, the DWR office in Cedar City, and Sand Hollow Reservoir near St. George are possibilities. Due to the complicated nature of many of the boats at the yacht club, a full decontamination may take a couple hours. If scheduled ahead, Utah DWR can ensure that extra people are on site to help speed up the inspection and decontamination process. Without adequate notice, a delay is likely. 
  3. For those boats coming from southern Lake Powell, there are a few businesses in the area that offer decontamination services for a fee. (Updated locations coming soon)

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